Cece Doucette is a professional writer active in leadership within the school district of Ashland, Massachusettes.  In 2015, she led the coalition which achieved the "best practices" policy, enabling the Ashland public school system to reduce student exposure to Wi-Fi and wireless devices in school classrooms. Ashland schools are the first in the nation to take these important steps to create safer spaces.  
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     Dr. Martha Herbert is a pediatric neurologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and a director of TRANSCEND Research Program for neurodevelopmental disorders.  She is also an assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Herbert is considered leading expert on WHY safer spaces are so important for everyone!
Her 2015 paper titled Connections in our Environment: Sizing up Electromagnetic Fields in Autism is referenced by 92 medical and scientific papers. EHS may actually be an early warning system when electromagnetic radiation (EMF), and especially radiofrequency and microwave radiation (RFR), inflicts damage upon the various systems of the body. Dr. Herbert's work provides massive documentation on exactly how electromagnetic radiation can damage the brain and body in these very important ways:

EMF/RFR lead to cellular stress, such as production of heat shock proteins, even when the EMF/RFR isn’t intense enough to cause measurable heat increase.

EMF/RFR damages cell membranes and makes them leaky and unable to maintain important chemical and electrical differences between what is inside and outside of the membrane. This degrades metabolism in many ways, making it inefficient.
EMF/RFR damages mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy factories of our cells. Mitochondria conduct their chemical reactions on their membranes and when those membranes get damaged, the mitochondria struggle to do their work.  Mitochondria can also be damaged through direct hits to their chemical assembly line. When mitochondria become inefficient, it especially affects the brain since electrical communication and synapses in the brain demand huge amounts of energy.
EMF/RFR creates “oxidative stress.” Oxidative stress occurs when the system can’t keep up with the stress caused by utilizing oxygen, because the price we pay for using oxygen is that it generates free radicals. These are generated in the normal course of events, and they are “quenched” by antioxidants like we get in fresh fruits and vegetablesÍž but when the antioxidants can’t keep up or the damage is too great, the free radicals start damaging things.
EMF/RFR is genotoxic and it creates free radicals which damage cell membranes, DNA, proteins and anything else they touch. When free radicals damage DNA they can cause mutations.  When radicals damage proteins they can force them to fold up in peculiar ways. Diseases like Alzheimer’s are related to the accumulation of mis-folded proteins and the failure of the brain to clear out this biological trash from its tissues and fluids.
EMF/RFR depletes glutathione, the body’s premier antioxidant and detoxification substance. On the one hand EMF/RFR creates damage that increases the need for antioxidants, and on the other hand they deplete those very antioxidants.

EMF/RFR damages vital barriers in the body, particularly the blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain from things in the blood that might cause damage.  When the blood-brain barrier gets leaky, cells inside the brain can die off.
EMF/RFR can alter the function of calcium channels, which are openings in the cell membranes that play a huge number of vital roles in brain and body.

EMF/RFR degrades the rich, complex integration of brainwaves, and increase the “entropy” or disorganization of signals in the brain – this means that they can become less synchronized or coordinated.

EMF/RFR  interferes with sleep and the brain’s production of melatonin.
EMF/RFR  contributes to immune problems.

EMF/RFR contributes to increasing stress at the chemical, immune and electrical levels, which we experience psychologically.
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