A Website Dedicated to Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

Idaho is a beautiful and scenic state with a population of 1.6 million people.
An estimated 3 to 10 percent of Idahoans (48,000 to 160,000)
suffer devastating, life-altering symptoms of electrohypersensitivity [EHS].1
It is estimated that another approximately 35 percent of Idaho's population
experiences mild to moderate EHS symptoms.2
EHS is defined by medical experts as a chronic, multi-system, inflammatory syndrome
triggered by environmental stressors, especially man-made electromagnetic fields.3
EHS is a growing problem across the USA and around the globe.
In Taiwan, for example, 13.3% of the population reported symptoms of EHS.
 Three percent of the world's 7.2 billion population is 216,000,000 people with EHS.4
EHS can affect people of all ages.
The symptoms are as individual as the people who suffer from it.
EHS can afflict a person SUDDENLY, after acute electromagnetic exposure.
Or, it may develop INCREMENTALLY, over time, from chronic electromagnetic exposure.
EHS leads to functional impairment when people allergic to man-made environmental stressors
are unable to access areas of public accommodation, transportation and housing. 
      Many EHS symptoms are discussed in advertisements for commonly-sought medications. Some medical experts and scientists postulate that, given the massive amount of electromagnetic pollution now in the environment, almost everyone suffers from one or more manifestations of EHS. Because there are now thousands of published scientific papers on the deleterious biological effects of electromagnetic fields especially high-frequency microwaves used for wireless technologies it is possible that there are two groups of EHS-affected people: those who UNDERSTAND that electromagnetic fields cause their symptoms and those who DON'T YET RECOGNIZE the connection.
     The reported symptoms5 of EHS include:

     Flu-like symptoms  chronic fatigue  sleep disturbances  
gastrointestinal  heart palpitations  depression  headaches
skin rash  difficulty concentrating  loss of memory 
nerve and soft tissue pain  frequent infections
loss of hearing   visual disturbances  dizziness  tinnitus  
impaired balance  feeling of vibration  night sweats  nose bleeds 
irritability  thyroid malfunction  weight abnormalities
  joint and limb pain  nausea  loss of appetite
chronic sinusitis  frequent urge to urinate  lymph node swelling
adrenal imbalance  blood sugar swings  severe chemical allergies
     Medical experts who specialize in EHS report that many people can REVERSE their EHS symptoms if they identify the environmental causes and avoid exposure to toxic triggers. They also caution that if people IGNORE their symptoms indefinitely, EHS can become a chronic and irreversible syndrome, possibly leading to serious conditions such as dementia, diabetes and even cancer.6
      Susan Arima is an Idaho woman who took her EHS symptoms seriously, did her research and reversed her environmental toxicity before her health problems became chronic and life-changing.  Click her picture to read her story. 
     In 2016, researchers in India did a medical survey among professionals who work for information technology (IT) companies. All of these people, both male and female, use cell phones. Most of them also use: wireless computer networks, Bluetooth headsets, Wi-Fi, cordless phones and microwave ovens. The survey revealed that a large percentage of these people working in high radiofrequency electromagnetic fields report suffering from EHS symptoms, although the symptoms were not recognized as such.7
     For example, 69.5 percent of the women reported frequent headaches, 39 percent noted severe pain in teeth and deteriorated fillings, 21.7 percent reported tremors, 41.9 percent suffer poor short memory, 48.9 percent reported severe irritability and 36 percent admitted to difficulty sleeping. Other EHS symptoms reported by the surveyed group include: allergies, crushing fatigue, hair loss, very dry mucous membranes, severe and chronic pain, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, dizziness and depression. It is likely that people everywhere, who are continuously exposed to high levels of man-made electromagnetic fields, are suffering from classical EHS symptoms without realizing that their ill-health is a manifestation of a universal syndrome.
    This website is sponsored by a group of concerned Idahoans dedicated to sharing the latest available information about EHS and the environmental factors which cause it.  Our mission is to: 
Empower increasing numbers of electromagnetically-sensitive people with greater awareness of EHS causes, symptoms, up-to-date research and treatment protocols 
  Provide access to the latest technical and medical information about EHS through on-line resources and printed information
  Educate legislators, school administrators, government officials, medical staff, utility company board members and the Idaho Public Utility Commission to acknowledge EHS as a medically-documented, environmentally-induced syndrome
Urge protection of EHS sufferers by requesting reasonable accommodation in all public places, as mandated under current laws for non-discrimination and equal access, including the Americans with Disabilities Act
Advocate for the protection of all living creatures from excessive exposure to man-made electromagnetic stressors